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World On Fire
亚当·史密斯 Adam Smith
乔纳·豪尔-金 Jonah Hauer-King/莱丝利·曼维尔 Lesley Manville/肖恩·宾 Sean Bean/朱莉娅·布朗 Julia Brown/伊万·米切尔 Ewan Mitchell/伊尔萨·戴利-沃德 Yrsa Daley-Ward/索菲亚·威奇拉克斯 Zofia Wichlacz/波利斯·席克 Borys Szyc/海伦·亨特 Helen Hunt/约翰内斯·赛勒 Johannes Zeiler/Victoria Mayer/布莱恩·J·史密斯 Brian J. Smith/帕克·索耶 Parker Sawyers/布鲁诺·亚历山大 Bruno Alexander/托马斯·科特 Tomasz Kot/布莱克·哈里森 Blake Harrison/Eugénie Derouand/安苏·卡比亚 Ansu Kabia/托马斯·兹代克 Tomasz Zietek/亚瑟·达维尔 Arthur Darvill/Karl Hughes/本杰明·温赖特 Benjamin Wainwright/拉裴尔·德普雷 Raphael Desprez/拉多斯劳·凯姆 Radoslaw Kaim/阿伽塔·库莱沙 Agata Kulesza/马太乌兹·维克拉韦克 Mateusz Wieclawek/查理·科里德-米尔斯 Charlie Creed-Miles/马克思·雷迈特 Max Riemelt/马修·奥布瑞 Matthew Aubrey/Jamie Marshall/Damien Speed/João Rei Villar/Gareth Worrall/Lionel Desmazon
Summer 1939. Translator Harry (Jonah Hauer-King) is working at the British Embassy in Warsaw, falling in love with Polis

战火浮生 第一季的剧情介绍,Summer 1939. Translator Harry (Jonah Hauer-King) is working at the British Embassy in Warsaw, falling in love with Polish waitress Kasia (Zofia Wichłacz). When German tanks roll into Poland and Britain declares war on Germany, Harry and Kasia are faced with terrible choices. With her life in grave danger, the only way for Kasia to be safe is to escape. Can Harry help her - and if he does, how will he ever explain himself to factory worker and singer Lois Bennett (Julia Brown), the girl he left behind in Manchester? As the Nazi threat spreads across Europe, Kasia must choose between love and fighting for her country, Harry must find his place in the world, and Lois seizes new opportunities the war throws up. The conflict overturns everything for Harry's snobbish mother Robina (Lesley Manville) and for Douglas (Sean Bean), Lois' pacifist father, and her firecracker younger brother Tom (Ewan Mitchell), who joins the navy and finds himself under fire in one of the first major battles of the war. In Berlin, outspoken American journalist Nancy (Helen Hunt) risks her life trying to help her neighbours the Rosslers from the attentions of the ruling Nazi regime, while in Paris Nancy's nephew, medic Webster (Brian J. Smith) refuses to leave the city and the man he loves. This is a series that takes us across the first year of the war, from ordinary life in Manchester to the beaches of Dunkirk, getting right under the skin and into the hearts and minds of those living their lives during this extraordinary time as they grapple with the unthinkable: a world in flames.

WWII drama centered on the lives of ordinary people affected by the war.




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