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鬼镜2 2010

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Mirrors 2
Víctor García
Nick Stahl/William Katt/Lawrence Turner
当马克思从伤病中恢复后,他做了一个夜间保安,他也开始经常能看到一个神秘的女子出现在商店的镜子中,是幻觉还是...于镜子入面,亡灵仍然「活着」,无时无刻等待着复仇的机会…… 在一次车祸中丧失未婚妻的麦斯,为帮父亲而暂时于重开的五月天百货做夜间

◎导演◎ Víctor García

◎编剧◎ Matt Venne

◎主演◎ Nick Stahl / William Katt / Lawrence Turner

鬼镜2的剧情介绍,当马克思从伤病中恢复后,他做了一个夜间保安,他也开始经常能看到一个神秘的女子出现在商店的镜子中,是幻觉还是...于镜子入面,亡灵仍然「活着」,无时无刻等待着复仇的机会…… 在一次车祸中丧失未婚妻的麦斯,为帮父亲而暂时于重开的五月天百货做夜间保安,自此他便常常看见「异像」。 麦斯上班不久便时常遇上怪事—尤其当他在夜间巡逻时,从旧五月天百货搬来的镜子内里竟常常看见一个女子模样。 与此同时,新百货公司开幕前先后有多名职员离奇失踪,当中竟牵涉到百货公司内的三名高层人员,麦斯却无法控制地被一股无形力量牵引着,逐步逐步为镜中死去的女子展开复仇大计......

While driving on the road with his fiancée Kayla, Max Matheson has a serious car accident and they both die. However, Max is resuscitated and one year later he is an emotionally disturbed man with the guilty complex for the murder of his beloved fiancée and under psychological treatment with Dr. Beaumont. When his father Jack Matheson reopens the Mayflower Department Store in New Orleans, his security guard Henry Schow has an accident and Jack invites Max to be his replacement to help in his cure. Max accepts the job and his father introduces him to the store manager Keller Landreaux; the buyer Jenna McCarty; and the vice-president of operations Ryan Parker. Max has visions of a dead woman and he foresees the death of Jenna and Ryan in the mirror. Sooner Max finds that he has the ability to see Eleanor Reigns, an employee that is missing, and he contacts her sister Elizabeth Reigns to know details of her disappearance. He finds that Jenna, Ryan and Keller were responsible for a tragedy and now the spirit of Eleanor is seeking revenge.

《鬼镜2》影评 不再可怕的镜子。已经跑偏,更像死神来了。。流血流得不对地方。走不出第一部的片子。韩版《鬼镜》和美版一二部对比。鬼镜2。剧情老套,不算好看。。

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