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头文字D 2005

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飘移族/Initial D
2005-06-23(中国大陆/香港) / 2005-06-19(北京首映)
粤语 / 英语
每天清晨都有一辆AE86在秋名山上漂移,而且速度快得惊人,这辆AE86属于藤原豆腐店。藤原拓海(周杰伦 饰)每天清晨都要帮父亲藤原文太(黄秋生 饰)把自家店里的豆腐送到秋名山上的旅店,但这并不是拓海想做的一件事。拓海还会在阿木(杜文泽 饰)

◎导演◎ 刘伟强/麦兆辉

◎编剧◎ 麦兆辉 Alan Mak/庄文强 Felix Chong

◎主演◎ 周杰伦 / 黄秋生 / 铃木杏 / 杜汶泽 / 钟镇涛 / 陈冠希 / 余文乐 / 陈小春 / 津村和幸 Tsumura Kazuyuki / 阿部力 / 田中千绘 / 刘畊宏 Will Liu

头文字D的剧情介绍,每天清晨都有一辆AE86在秋名山上漂移,而且速度快得惊人,这辆AE86属于藤原豆腐店。藤原拓海(周杰伦 饰)每天清晨都要帮父亲藤原文太(黄秋生 饰)把自家店里的豆腐送到秋名山上的旅店,但这并不是拓海想做的一件事。拓海还会在阿木(杜文泽 饰)家开的加油站做兼职。中里毅(余文乐 饰)向阿木的车队挑战,当中里毅在秋名山练习的时候,竟然被一辆AE86轻易爬过头,中里毅决定打听这辆AE86的消息,要跟他比赛一番。©豆瓣

Two mountain road racers, Nakazato and Takahashi, challenged each other to find the best racers, and defeat them in "battles". Nakazato was surprisingly defeated by an old Toyota Trueno AE86 (Corolla in the US) one night, and he searched for the person who defeated him, which lead him to the Speedstars, a local team. But the car who beat him was actually driven by a local Tofu shop owner's son, Takumi Fujiwara, who had unknowingly perfected the art of mountain racing through daily deliveries of tofu. Takumi was able to defeat Nakazato again, showing that he is no fluke. However, winning hasn't helped him home life, as his father, Bunta Fujiwara, was a drunkard (and a racing genius). His girlfriend Natsuki Mogi wants his attention even though she's got a dark and shameful secret, and his best friend Itsuki (who has no talent in driving) wants Takumi to teach him road racing... after buying the WRONG car. In a mountain road encounter, they ran into Team Emperor's Mitsubishi Evo, and normally the old junker don't stand a chance, but when controlled by Takumi they were able to defeat the Evo... And attract the wrath of Sudou, Team Emperor's leader. In another chance encounter, Sudou ran the AE86 and Takumi to the limit... and beyond... Forcing the AE86 out with a busted engine. However, Takahashi is there to lend a hand. With Bunta's help, they repaired the AE86, this time with a true racing engine, and a three-way showdown between Takahashi, Fujiwara, and Sudou is on... Who will be the winner at the end?

头文字D人物分析。这他妈是天涯人干的!----《头文字D观后》。凌晨四点展开的旅程。在那之前,我曾喜欢过陈冠希。。青春酷尽,飙出梦想。走 上秋名山。颜值爆表,又很适合角色。被陈冠希萌倒。十年过去了。。拓海之于我。

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