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伊比的堕落 2002

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Igby Goes Down
Burr Steers
Kieran Culkin/Claire Danes/Jeff Goldblum/Jared Harris

伊比的堕落的剧情介绍,主人公伊比是一个正值青春叛逆期的17岁男孩。他是家中最小的一个。事实上,家里的四个成员除了有血缘关系外,根本就是生活在同一屋檐下的互不相干的一群。父亲杰森患有精神分裂症,;母亲咪咪则冷漠、自闭,长期服用镇静剂;哥哥奥立佛是个激进的共和党拥护者,他喜欢把所有的东西都拟人化,除了伊比。 面对这个沉闷、抑郁的环境,伊比选择了逃跑。既然已经被剥夺了童年,他当然不想今后的生活也同样被束缚。母亲试图用学校的教育来制服儿子的反叛。先是将他送去东海岸的一所高中,然后又转到了法西斯式的军校。伊比趁一次酒店狂欢的机会偷了母亲的信用卡,这使他再次遭受到了惩罚。 伊比的漫游终止于纽约他的教父贝恩家里。贝恩是名成功的商业巨头,在他家里伊比遇到了形形色色的人,包括贝恩的女友瑞切尔,和一个名叫苏琪的女孩。从这个比他大三岁的姑娘那里,伊比尝到了初恋的滋味并懂得了在这个世界上他并不是孤单一人。 在设法解放自己的过程中,伊比渐渐明白灰暗的现实是永远都不会被遗忘的,无论我们怎么去埋葬它。只有诚实的面对复杂的过去,才有权利得到充满着诺言与希望的未来。

Seventeen year old Jason Slocumb, Jr. - Igby to most that know him - comes from east coast old money, the second son of self-absorbed and controlling Mimi Slocumb and medically-diagnosed schizophrenic Jason Slocum, Sr., the latter who has for several years been institutionalized in a Maryland psychiatric facility. While Igby's economics-studying Columbia-attending older brother Ollie Slocum has embraced and aspires to continue their wealthy life, Igby has rebelled against it, considering his brother a fascist (although he could soften that label to Republican). Because of Jason's situation, Mimi has largely left the role of male role model for Ollie and Igby to their godfather, D.H. Banes. Igby's rebellion has led to him being kicked out of one prep school after another, the latest, a military academy, from which Igby escapes before he can graduate. As such, Mimi and D.H. arrange for Igby to live in New York with Ollie for the summer while working for D.H. renovating some of his properties, before Mimi arranges for yet another strict school for the fall so that Igby can at least graduate. Igby is largely able to hide out for most of the summer with the help of Rachel, D.H.'s younger heroin addict mistress, and Sookie, a slightly older waitress with who he falls in love. An issue with Sookie and the aftermath of a joint mission with Ollie leads to Igby having a clearer picture of what his immediate future will look like.


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