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伊比的堕落 2002

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Igby Goes Down
Burr Steers
Kieran Culkin/Claire Danes/Jeff Goldblum/Jared Harris
伊比(基南·卡尔金 Kieran Culkin 饰)是一个正处在叛逆期的十七岁男孩,常年生活在压抑的家庭环境之中。伊比的父亲杰森(比尔·普尔曼 Bill Pullman 饰)有着严重的精神分裂症,母亲咪咪(苏珊·萨兰登 Susan Sara

伊比的堕落的剧情介绍,伊比(基南·卡尔金 Kieran Culkin 饰)是一个正处在叛逆期的十七岁男孩,常年生活在压抑的家庭环境之中。伊比的父亲杰森(比尔·普尔曼 Bill Pullman 饰)有着严重的精神分裂症,母亲咪咪(苏珊·萨兰登 Susan Sarandon 饰)自私冷漠依靠服用镇定剂保持冷静,哥哥是一个完完全全的政治狂人,已经丧失了人性。 再也无法忍受这样的家庭氛围的伊比决定离家出走,但是他的反抗很快就遭到了母亲的压制,母亲先后将伊比送往两所军事化管理的学校中,企图让儿子重回正轨,但都以失败告终。最后伊比来到了教父贝恩(杰夫·高布伦 Jeff Goldblum 饰)家中。贝恩是一名成功的商人,在他这里,伊比第一次找到了家的感觉。©豆瓣

Seventeen year old Jason Slocumb, Jr. - Igby to most that know him - comes from east coast old money, the second son of self-absorbed and controlling Mimi Slocumb and medically-diagnosed schizophrenic Jason Slocum, Sr., the latter who has for several years been institutionalized in a Maryland psychiatric facility. While Igby's economics-studying Columbia-attending older brother Ollie Slocum has embraced and aspires to continue their wealthy life, Igby has rebelled against it, considering his brother a fascist (although he could soften that label to Republican). Because of Jason's situation, Mimi has largely left the role of male role model for Ollie and Igby to their godfather, D.H. Banes. Igby's rebellion has led to him being kicked out of one prep school after another, the latest, a military academy, from which Igby escapes before he can graduate. As such, Mimi and D.H. arrange for Igby to live in New York with Ollie for the summer while working for D.H. renovating some of his properties, before Mimi arranges for yet another strict school for the fall so that Igby can at least graduate. Igby is largely able to hide out for most of the summer with the help of Rachel, D.H.'s younger heroin addict mistress, and Sookie, a slightly older waitress with who he falls in love. An issue with Sookie and the aftermath of a joint mission with Ollie leads to Igby having a clearer picture of what his immediate future will look like.


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