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改编剧本 2002

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英语 / 拉丁语
女记者苏珊(梅丽尔•斯特里普 Meryl Streep 饰)采访了一个因酷爱兰花,经常偷采兰花而满身官司的“采花贼”,并将此人的故事加工成了传记小说《兰花窃贼》。不久,好莱坞某电影公司将这本书的改编权买了下来,并请来了颇负盛名的改编人查理

◎导演◎ 斯派克·琼斯 Spike Jonze

◎编剧◎ 查理·考夫曼 Charlie Kaufman/苏珊·奥尔琳 Susan Orlean/Donald Kaufman(虚构)

◎主演◎ 尼古拉斯·凯奇 Nicolas Cage / 蒂尔达·斯温顿 Tilda Swinton / 梅丽尔·斯特里普 Meryl Streep / 克里斯·库珀 Chris Cooper / 玛吉·吉伦哈尔 Maggie Gyllenhaal / 约翰·马尔科维奇 John Malkovich

改编剧本的剧情介绍,女记者苏珊(梅丽尔•斯特里普 Meryl Streep 饰)采访了一个因酷爱兰花,经常偷采兰花而满身官司的“采花贼”,并将此人的故事加工成了传记小说《兰花窃贼》。不久,好莱坞某电影公司将这本书的改编权买了下来,并请来了颇负盛名的改编人查理(尼古拉斯•凯奇 Nicolas Cage 饰)来将它改编成电影剧本。 无奈查理已江郎才尽,他绞尽脑汁都无法完成《兰花窃贼》的改编。查理无奈之下只好向原作者苏珊求助,但性格内向的查理见到了美艳华贵的苏珊竟紧张得说不出话来。他只好叫来了对编剧极感兴趣并想涉足其中的弟弟唐纳德来帮忙。 兄弟两在改写剧本时历经了一系列曲折。查理突发奇想,将自己改写剧本的创作过程也写进了剧本。这部剧本最后会变成什么样呢?©豆瓣

While his latest movie Being John Malkovich (1999) is in production, screenwriter Charlie Kaufman is hired by Valerie Thomas to adapt Susan Orlean's non-fiction book "The Orchid Thief" for the screen. Thomas bought the movie rights before Orlean wrote the book, when it was only an article in The New Yorker. The book details the story of rare orchid hunter John Laroche, whose passion for orchids and horticulture made Orlean discover passion and beauty for the first time in her life. Charlie wants to be faithful to the book in his adaptation, but despite Laroche himself being an interesting character in his own right, Charlie is having difficulty finding enough material in Laroche to fill a movie, while equally not having enough to say cinematically about the beauty of orchids. At the same time, Charlie is going through other issues in his life. His insecurity as a person doesn't allow him to act upon his feelings for Amelia Kavan, who is interested in him as a man. And Charlie's twin brother, pretentious Charlie Kaufman, has moved into his house with a goal of also becoming a screenwriter. Despite not admiring Donald as a screenwriter, Charlie asks for his advice. Together, they feel that there is some interesting subtext in the book on which Orlean herself can only elaborate, if only Charlie has the nerve to talk to her. If she can't or won't elaborate, they may have to find out the meaning of that subtext on their own.


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